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Earth Cooperative Society of Intelliologist

for the betterment of non-worshippers around the world.

We are a 100% virtual-based non-profit cooperative.

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Consumer | Education Cooperative Society

Our Co-op  Objectives & Services 

UtA Co-op has four components in one cooperative. Our members’ needs consist of both the educational and economical.

By combining our expertise and professional products and services, and through membership funding, members begin to directly and indirectly own and operate educational networks, service networks, and cooperatives.

Thus, by becoming a member of UtA Co-op, membership provides members the ability to open doors into owning collectively their own “communities.” This idea is not new, many communities are formed in this way, naturally, like Chinatown in San Francisco, or Little Italy in New York.

Nihilism is a way of life, in such, it is a standing principal of our society. What ever is not working, tear it apart and rebuild. Today, society is not working for us. UtA was created to change our separated community all over the world into a worldwide network. Our learning and education program consist of :

UtA Co-U: Inelliological Hub

Our co-op focuses on the continual intelliological development and improvement of members and of the greater community. We specialize in nihilism and univernaturalism, the evolution of nihilism.

UtA Co-U: Learning Network

UtA Learning Network is an online learning and educational center for our intelliological hub, includes online podcasts, conferences, seminars, and events by UtA and UtA Members.

UtA Co-U:  UtA Co-U Online Education Center & Academy

We are developing a non-worshiper home-schooling online academy plus an online education center for grades pre-school to 12, with “living classrooms” locations and centers. Non-worshipping children are not getting the best education thru the public school system nor are they connected to other non-worshipping children in their community, UtA is here to change our future trajectory. 

We are also developing an adult online academy with a living classroom approach, our classes consist of “living classroom” locations and centers.

UtA Goals & Purchases:

For the betterment and welfare of our members we strive to empower our members in their respective communities and beyond by establishing economic, social, and cultural regeneration. Our co-op promotes economic activity thru varies channels such as UtA Co-Ad, our Nihil-X Market Hub and UtA Co-Market; for cooperative community building, peer to peer services, and by marketing outside our community, and thru volunteer services.

Future Subsidiaries of UtA Co-op: UtA Co-Market 

Land & Equipment Purchases:

Cooperative Organic Farming
Cooperative Online Mobile Grocery Warehouse Market and Hubs
Cooperative Tiny House, Tiny Mansion, Container Living Complexes
Cooperative Tiny House & Container Custom Design Company
Cooperative Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Cooperative Democratic Alliance: Governance & Policy Services

Our Co-op will be launching our UtA Cooperative Foundation for international governance and development goals. In the meantime….

Our Co-op provides members with the means to network internationally within, and we promote this activity thru our internal platform and website. All of our members focus on adopting and developing our non-worshipper culture, and or  nihil concepts and/or nihilistic understanding and awareness, aspects of nihilism. We believe univernatualism will impact the globe in the same way.

Our Co-op fosters the growth of all our members through our cooperative Democratic Alliance by helping fund their cooperatives. Any of our members who create their own cooperatives can receive support, funding, and help with their cooperative’s development and success, by becoming a member of our International Cooperative Foundation.
What is Co-ops?

About UtA Co-op

Cooperative Communities designed for non-worshippers,

Join us in our Good Can Be Evil campaign, a year-long journey to bring non-worshippers together from around the world into one international cooperative. We build together, hire each other, and fund our own cooperative communities.


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Inside eAcademy Campus

Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

Nihil-X Market Hub

Meet our members, finding talent has never been easier

Nihil-X Market Hub is the place to find and hire non-worshippers in every market and field of study. Collaborating with non-worshippers from around the world has never been made easier. 

To join Nihil-X Market Hub, join our cooperative society today. We are not a middle man, customers can connect directly. We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.

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Principles Operations

UtA provides a collection of services for our members and for our members ability to service other cooperatives and businesses, with peer to peer collaboration and development, with a intelliological approach.

Democratic Alliance

UtA is a democratic controlled, one member one vote cooperative. Voluntary and open membership policy.

Global & Culture

Concern for our social and ecological environment, we our creating non-worshipper cooperative communities for farming, living, and governance with networking centers.

UtA Education

Promoting education and information technology, thru UtA Co-U learning network, eduction hub, and academy.

UtA Channel Platform

UtAChat private social media platform. Shared channels and forums for collaboration, networking, and socialization. Promoting peer to peer economic activity.

Autonomy & Independence

Fostering the expansion of opportunities for the success of our cooperative, with the support and shared commitment of our members.

Town Halls & Walls

Town Halls and walls are used to communicate needs, meetings, coming seminars and learning networks. Co-operation among Co-operatives.

eLearning at UtA Co-U!

We are the first non-worshipper eLearning network.

Membership Services

We offer five core services to our members.

Our Community

We are thinkers who love to work together

Take our community to next level. Apply to our team and see what we can do together. Everyone is the future, right now is the time, family. – Nonelilian

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